What is the expected cost of utilities?

Utilities typically cost between 50 and 60 EUR per person per month. However, this is subject to a variety of factors:

Usage: Households that consume more gas and electricity naturally face higher bills than conservative households. Our estimate is therefore an average indication.

Location: Certain locations are monopolised by certain providers. In such cases, it can occur that the only available supplier of a utility is more pricey than those available in other locations.

Size: In an apartment with more bedrooms (4 or 5), the costs per person tend to be lower than in a smaller apartment with fewer (2-3) bedrooms.

Package: Particularly in the case of Wifi (and TV or telephone, if applicable), the selected data- and speed-packages will be more expensive than less performing packages.

For more information on how to set-up your utilities and compare costs read our extensive guide.